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To achieve accuracy and speed when passing and shooting, lacrosse players must be able to propel the ball
from the stick with a wrist “snap.” You can build wrist strength and develop a quick release by practicing
wall ball drills regularly.

Below you’ll find a suggested set of drills. Your goal should be to complete the entire series in less than
20 minutes, and to practice it 4-5 times per week. Remember: always wear a helmet and gloves to throw
and catch
. Start by finding a concrete or brick wall at least 10 feet tall with no windows. Stand 10-15 feet
from the wall.


Knees should be shoulder-width apart, slightly bent, with the weight towards the balls of the feet.
If passing from the right, lead with your left foot. If passing from the left, lead with the right foot. Keep your front shoulder, elbow and chin pointed at the wall.


Allow your wrists—and your grip on the stick—to remain relaxed. Keep the head of the stick in the “box” area
to the side of your head (defined from above the shoulder to slightly beyond the top of the head, and from your ear to slightly beyond the edge of your shoulder).


Start with your dominant hand, holding the stick at its balance point, then position the head of the stick in
the box area. With one hand, snap the wrist to release the ball in a straight line. Keep the head of the stick
in the box area next to the ear—the ball should bounce right back into the stick.


Start with your dominant hand holding the stick at approximately mid-shaft. Your non-dominant hand holds
the bottom of the stick at the end cap. Snap the top wrist while bringing the bottom hand towards your dominant armpit to keep your stick in a vertical position. Try to keep the head of the stick in the box at all times.


Start in the two-hand technique position. Square up your foot stance to the wall. Now, bring your dominant/top hand across your body so that you’re throwing and catching with the head of the stick in the box near the
opposite ear.


Pick a target on the wall for your throws. You’ll probably start by throwing higher up on the wall for an easier return. As you progress, lower your target so it’s as if you’re playing catch with a teammate.

Start at 30 repetitions with each hand before moving to the next drill. Work your way up to 50 reps with each hand. When you switch to your non-dominant hand, remember to switch your foot stance. It’s critical to maintain proper form and technique—throwing and catching in the box, and snapping the wrist to release the ball.


One hand basic: throw—catch—1 cradle—repeat
Two hands basic: throw—catch—1 cradle—repeat
Two hands quick stick: throw—catch—repeat
Two hands split drill: throw righty—catch righty—switch to throw lefty—catch lefty—repeat
Two hands dodge drill: throw—catch—face dodge—repeat
Two hands fake drill: throw—catch—fake—repeat


When you’re able to complete 50 reps with each hand of the six beginner drills,
move on to the advanced drills below.


2 hands cross-hand: throw—catch—repeat
2 hands behind-the-back: throw—catch—repeat
2 hands running: throw—catch—repeat while running along the wall

Now, you’re free to get creative, or look up videos of wall ball routines from
your favorite college and pro players for more ideas. Have fun!